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Laminated Metal Technology (LMT): See the patent below, Now you can create any firearm for 1/10 the cost startup costs and Production Costs
Creating quality Firearms today uses some of the oldest technology in metal working which is mainly some sort of casting either investment casting. One key problem is this technology actually just makes a part or component it an approximate shape which then needs secondary operations.
LMT is a very simple concept conceived during the design of  .38 cal firearm. What we noticed is that the technology to develop and manufacture a production firearm correctly demands that you have the VERY COSTLY and many complex industries available to you. There are so many different complex industries and sub complex industries that need to be in place that most 3 world countries do not the capacity to make their own weapons. 

What we can all understand and agree upon is that any firearm is a product with several very simple individual components that work in series to produce a main objective of firing mechanism hitting the firing pint of a projectile. What we have determined is that of  these several parts depending upon what type of firearm you are designing only three (3) need to be made with some sort of knowledge and experience and technology. 

Knowing this information and using this as the basis for a weapon design we have now reduced the COST, MANUFACTURING INFRASTRUCTURE and TIME to manufacture any type of firearm. 

And that is the KEY BENEFIT to LMT,  one technology is needed and that is it, and it is the simplest of metal technologies side by side for you can manufacture  20 LMT weapons for the same cost it takes to make one weapon using standard technology.    

For more complete information use the contact details below and we can advise details on how to lease this patent, we can lease on a caliber by caliber basis and a weapon system basis, or the entire patent can be leased.

If you are interested in this firearm patent or design packages for this product please feel free to contact sales@weaponbuilder.com

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