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Company Overview: Founded By Product Designer Emil Vicale

Emil Vicale Launches WeaponBuilder.com to develop firearms design and new military weapons. New firearms and weapon systems patents and designs featured are offered for sale or lease. All Weapons and products are designed and developed by Emil Vicale.

A new future of weapon technology and technology transfer has arrived. Weapon Builder specializes in the development and sale of PATENTED or emerging weapon technology.  Weapon Builders product design team uses the the most current CAD (computer aided Design) systems and RP technology (rapid prototyping)  which include SLA (Stereolithography) SLS (selective laser sintering) 3DP (3D printing) and Vacuum Casting. At Weapon Builder we use CAD and RP systems to their fullest capabilities and that insures our weapon designs and platforms are ready to market in the quickest and and safest way possible. Our speed to market is the key to success. 

To view our new patented weapon systems please click the New Weapon Links above. Most or all technologies shown are open for development and or ready to be sold, our patented design are open to Lease agreements or complete sale of the patent itself..

Company Profile:

Weapon Builders was opened in 2005 as the weapon design wing of BBC Design Group, both firms are owned by Emil Vicale an Industrial Designer Since 1984. Weapon Builder is a innovative design firm dedicated to weapon development. The Weapon Builder website will be strictly dedicated to developing, selling and or leasing our new patented weapon technology and concepts. From initial design to prototyping thru to the final production Weapon Builder is your company.

I would like to personally thank you for visiting our new weapons development division and value your input. So please feel free to contact us if you need assistance. Our information is below.

Important Information:

Please understand that if you are a foreign Government that is not able to negotiate this type of transaction with The United States Of America and are not an approved friendly Government, DO NOT make contact with us, we will not in any way, shape or form enter into any dialog. 

As you can imagine the patents shown, images and detailed description have relevant information missing on purpose. A complete technical package will be released only when a valid purchase has been completed. 

203-888-0147 | Emil Vicale | 198 GoodHill Road, Oxford CT 06478 USA | sales@weaponbuilder.com