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Emil Vicale has been a part of the war on terrorism from the start. Of course Emil Vicale took a bit a different tact using toys as his weapons. Directly after 9/11 Emil Launched Herobuilders.com, with the introduction of the George Bush Action Figure. This propelled Herobuilders and Emil Vicale into the forefront of the Global PSYOPS game.

Psyops is something that happens on a day to day basis week after week month after month year after year. We are all part in one way or another, advertizing is  merchandizing Psyops. Look at all the countries surrendering to freedom in 2011. How was that possible, YouTube, Face Book Twitter, cell phones, clearly American products in the hands of regular people that have learned over time their power, "PSYOPS"

Emil Vicale is now launching an new line of products that will directly help the United State of American and its war on terrorism, new Psyops Products are in the development stage now and will be viewable here first

Feel Free Down load the following document titled War Games By: Rodger J. Stahl, Herobuilders.com is featured on page 189. The document is 7 Megabits if you would like to download it click here

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